Videos Starting At $5.00

That’s right!! Be honest, did you throw away those greeting cards you recently received? Well, with personalized video greetings, you can post them on their facebook page, and they NEVER get thrown away!! (The internet is forever, right?) For the same price as a greeting card, you can gift a personalized video greeting card to your family, your loved ones, or someone that just needs some cheering up!!

One of Jamie’s all time favorite greetings he did was for a little girl fighting cancer. He was beaming ear to ear for weeks knowing that he was able to cheer that little girl up. And the dad looked like a rock star to this sweet little 10 year old, who said, “How did you get this guy all the way from Australia?” In which the rock star dad replied, “I know people”.

You can also hire him for online commercials, or even bigger commercials. He has several characters he offers, including ‘The Nature Guy’ (his most popular), Cupid, the Leprechaun, a News Reporter, A Bed Bug (to bug you!), and many others!!

To hire Jamie and check out all of his characters, go to Jamie’s personalized video page.

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